The Grange Park is a comprehensive, master-planned development that will come to fruition in stages.

At The Grange Park, the focus is creating a warm, close-knit community. Built on the site of a golf course, the original clubhouse is retained as a shared community space. The urban design has also received special attention, creating a neighbourhood where cyclists and pedestrians enjoy their own pathways, away from cars and heavy traffic. It’s all about producing a safe, friendly environment for all.

Through subtle alterations in shape, texture and colour, every home in The Grange Park has been given an appearance that’s uniform, but unique. A bold, tilted frame of the front façades creates an interesting, evolving streetscape. But there’s also more here than initially meets the eye. Elevated living areas provide increased privacy for residents, and increased security for the street. Rear-facing garages create a safe path for pedestrians and cyclists at the front.